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In 1862 the Polytechnic Institute of Agriculture and Forestry was established in Puławy, Poland. It became one of the first agricultural colleges in central Europe and was located on the grounds of the beautiful, royal Czartoryski Palace. Classes at the newly created scientific institute began in 1863 but were interrupted a few months later when the Russians seized control of it. This was part of a campaign to suppress Poland after a series of uprisings this year.

Eventually the Russians authorities closed the institution in 1869 and established the Institute of Rural Husbandry and Forestry. During this time of russification all courses were instructed using Russian but the Institute managed to persevere as a center of agricultural study in th
e region. From the years 1869-1914 the institute granted approximately 2,100 diplomas to Polish and Russian agricultural students. At this time a famous Russian professor, Wasyl Dokuczajew, worked here. Today nearly every book on soil science contains a quote from him. Activities at the institute were once again suspended upon the outbreak of World War I.

In 1917 the State Research Institute of Rural Husbandry (PINGW) was created by Polish scientists based on a permission received from occupational Government of Austria.

In 1950 PINGW was divided into a number of specialized institutes, one of which was the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation (IUNG). Since that time the IUNG has conducted agricultural research under the direction of the Polish Ministry of Agriculture.

     1990 saw the beginning of a new chapter in the IUNG's history. Reorganization led to elimination of programs and research that did not specifically meet the needs of practical agriculture.
In accordance with the statute of the IUNG, its primary tasks are the scientific development, implementation, and dissemination of environmental knowledge relating to plant growth, soil fertility, as well as the protection of agricultural areas from various forms of degradation.

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