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Coordination Team

Coordinator of the Project – Prof. dr hab. Wiesław Oleszek

WP Leaders :

WP1 - Assoc. Prof. dr hab. Anna Stochmal (Leader) ,MSc Bogdan Janda (Co-leader)

WP2 – Prof. dr hab. Teresa Doroszewska (Leader) ,Dr Andrzej Doroszewski (Co-leader)

WP3 – Dr Bożena Smreczak (Leader) ,Dr Mariola Staniak (Co-leader)

WP4 - Prof. dr hab. Stefan Martyniuk (Leader) ,Assoc. Prof. dr hab. Alicja Pecio (Co-leader)

WP5 - Prof dr hab. Barbara Maliszewska-Kordybach (Leader) ,Dr Beata Feledyn (Co-leader)

WP6 - Prof. dr hab. Wiesław Oleszek (Leader) ,MSc Joanna Wiącek (Co-leader)

WP7 - Prof. dr hab. Wiesław Oleszek (Leader)

Research Area Managers:

Soil Quality (SQ) - Prof. dr hab. Barbara Maliszewska-Kordybach
Land Use (LU) – Assoc. Prof. dr hab. Tomasz Stuczyński
Production Systems and Techniques (PST) – Prof. dr hab. Jan Kuś
Plant Products Quality and Safety (PPQS) - Prof. dr hab. Wiesław Oleszek

Project Financial Officers – MSc Barbara Jóźwicka, MSc Joanna Wiącek

Project Assistant – MSc Agata Szczepaniak

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Advisory Board (Steering Committee)

No. Name Institution Country
1. Blaschke Thomas University of Salzburg, Department of Geography and Geology & Centre of Geoinformatics Austria
2. Cermak Pavel Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture Czech Republic
3. Csatho Peter Research Institute for Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Hungary
4. De Riek Jan Roldán-Ruiz Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Belgium
5. Dresler-Nurmi Aneta University of Helsinki Finland
6. Dobrzyńska Nina Ministry of Agriculture Poland
7. Finlay Roger Swedish University of Agricultural Science, Faculty of Forest Sciences Sweden
8. Fodor Nandor Research Institute for Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Hungary
9. Górecki Henryk Wroclaw University of Technology Poland
10. Harmsen Joop ALTERRA, Wageningen University and Research Centre The Netherlands
11. Henry Max Université Henri Poincare – Nancy France
12 Pistelli Luisa University of Piza Italy
13. Pizza Cosimo University of Salerno Italy
14. Rozakis Stelios Agricultural University of Athens, Laboratory of Agribusiness Management Greece
15. Ruffoni Barbara CRA Research Unit for Floriculture and Ornamental Species Italy
16. Schardinger Ingrid Research Studios Austria Forschungsgesellschaft GmbH, Studio iSPACE Austria
17. Schnug Ewald Institute of Crop and Soil Science Federal Research Center for Cultivated Plants (JKI) Germany
18. Vaisvalavicius Rimantas Lithuanian University of Agriculture Department of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition Lithuania
19. Weber Gerd University of Hohenheim, Institute for Plant Breeding, Seed Science and Population Genetics Germany
20. Wibe Atle Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research Norway

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