National Workshop "Quality and safety of plant food production in the aspect of agricultural soil protection" Print

National Workshop

" Quality and safety of plant food production in the aspect of  agricultural soil protection"

IUNG PIB Pulawy, April, 09, 2013

organized within the PROFICIENCY project

The Workshops was included in the EU Proficiency project programme and was subsidized from its budget. One of the goals of the meeting was to highlight the input of young researchers and students in the scientific projects and the achievements of the IUNG-PIB during 20 years of the PhD studies programme in the Institute.

The outline of the studies history and its evaluation was presented by prof. Barbara Maliszewska-Kordybach, the head of the programme; 42 participant of the studies defended their PhD thesis during 20 years and about 70% of them is employed in the IUNG.  The achievements of the young scientists  in the particular research fields related to the protection of the soil environment and the quality of the plant food  production were presented by the young representatives of the IUNG departments. The effect of an intensification of the international exchange and scientific cooperation on the  improvement of the publications level due to the participation in the Proficiency project  was highlighted. 

 In the summary of the Workshop, prof Stanisław Krasowicz, Deputy Director of the IUNG-PIB, pointed out the main directions of the research within the agricultural soil protection and safety of plant food products with the highest input of the Institute with particular reference to achievements of the young IUNG scientists and their increasing participation in the European Research Area.